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Links under the listed names of interstate compacts below (including interstate, multi-state, and boundary compacts) point to state enactments adopting the compacts. To extract a list of the compacts adopted by a particular state, go to the ALSO! page for that state and select the link for “Interstate Compacts” (under Codified Laws), if there is one.

The Council of State Governments operates a policy program denominated the National Center for Interstate Compacts. Its purpose is to assist states in developing interstate compacts. It maintains a database of “information pertaining to all active interstate compacts in use today.” Click on a state in an interactive map to see a list of compacts in force in that state, with citations to the state's codified versions. Click on one of those compact names to see a PDF version of the compact text and a list of the states currently belonging to the compact.

Comments on Using the On-Line Statutes
AlabamaOn the main page for the Code of Alabama, in the table-of-contents frame, scroll down to the desired title (the first element of a section number: for example, “8” in “8-26A-1”) and click on it. Then, in the other frame, scroll down to the desired chapter or article (“26A” in the example) and click on it. Scroll down to the desired section.
Why not link directly to a chapter or an article? When a discrete chapter or article is displayed in its own browser window—that is, outside the original framed view—the links to discrete sections do not work. Moreover, reliable links to discrete units larger than sections cannot be maintained. Because the chapters and articles are assigned to sequentially numbered files, some links to chapters and articles would become erroneouos after any revision of the code. Detecting such an error would require manually checking every link, which is not feasible.
AlaskaLinks here point to the official version of the Alaska Statutes (in a Folio Infobase) and to an alternative version (which is much easier to use) provided by James B. Gottstein, an attorney in Anchorage who, through Touch N' Go Systems, Inc., maintains a web site called Alaska Legal Resource Center.
ArkansasA JavaScript-compliant browser is required, and cookies must be enabled. (Send complaints to webmaster@arkleg.state.ar.us.) On the main page for the Arkansas Code, either drill down through the table of contents or, for easier navigating, use the search form. In the search-form box, enter the desired section number in this format: “4-28-501.” (that is, include both the period and the quotation marks). Run the search. In the results list, click on the entry for that section, which then will be displayed. To see a list of constituent sections for the inclusive chapter (or subchapter, or whatever) in a hierarchical context, click on “Synchonize Contents” in the menu at the left side of the window.
GeorgiaNo official version of the Official Code of Georgia can be viewed on the internet. A LexisNexis version (Michie Co.) using a Folio Infobase is available; however, links are not reliable, and monitoring the Infobase for currency is not feasible.
Take note of the beginning section for the law in question; then in the contents frame for the LexisNexis version, drill down through successive levels to reach the desired section. The first number in a section citation (before the hyphen) indicates a title; the number after the hyphen indicates a chapter: “§ 10-1-370” is in title 10, Chapter 1.
Please notify Administrator@LawSource.com about link errors or citation errors.
HawaiiIndividual sections in the Hawaii Revised Statutes can be viewed on-line. The contents of inclusive chapters also can be viewed; however, the section headings in a chapter listing are not linked to the section texts. Links here (below) are to computer file directories containing the indicated section(s) and inclusive chapter listing.
KansasGo to the legislature's web site. Click on “Statute” in the left-side menu; then, in the “Section Number” form field that will appear, enter the section number for the compact (or for its beginning section) — for example, “22-4401” (without quotation marks) for the Agreement on Detainers — and click the “Open” button. On the resulting page, click on the link for the article title — for example, “Article 44. - AGREEMENT ON DETAINERS” — to revert to an interactive listing of all of the sections that the compact comprises.
North DakotaSpecific linking to sections in the North Dakota Century Code is not possible. Links in the list below are to chapters of the code. (The first number in a section citation indicates the title; the second number indicates the chapter: e.g., “51-08.1” in § 51-08.1-01 indicates chapter 8.1 in title 51). To find a specific section (e.g., “51-08.1-12”), browse within the chapter. Because of the way the on-line version of the code is presented by the North Dakota Legislature, it is not feasible to monitor annual legislation for the purpose of discovering repeals; therefore, the currency of information here regarding North Dakota law cannot be assured.
VermontNo official version of the Vermont Statutes can be viewed on the internet. The LexisNexis version is available; however, specifically linking to a chapter, subchapter, or section is not possible. On the main page, in the contents frame, drill down to the desired title (the first number in a section citation: “15A” in “15A-1-101”), then drill down to the desired section (the other number: “1-101” in the example).

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Boundary Compacts

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River and Water Compacts
    Klamath River Basin Compact Between the States of Oregon and California
  • California: Cal. Water Code § 5900 et seq.

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General Compacts
    Compact Between Missouri and Illinois Creating the Bi-State Development Agency and the Bi-State Metropolitan District
  • Missouri: Mo. Rev. Stat. § 70.370 et seq.
    Compact Between Missouri and Kansas Creating the Kansas City Area Transportation District and the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority
  • Missouri: Mo. Rev. Stat. § 238.010 et seq.
    Interstate Agreement on Qualification of Educational Personnel (Northeastern States)
  • New Hampshire: N.H. Rev. Stat. § 200-L:1 et seq.
    Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children
    The original version, entitled Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (see below), has been superseded by the current version, entitled Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children.
  • Wisconsin: Wis. Stats. § 48.99
    Interstate Compact for Western Regional Cooperation in Higher Education
  • Idaho: Idaho Code § 33-3601 et seq.
    Rocky Mountain Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact
  • New Mexico: N.M. Stat. Ann. § 11-9A-1 et seq. ... Drill down to chapter 11, article 9A.
    Southeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact
  • Florida: Fla. Stat. § 404.30 et seq.
    Southern Regional Education Compact
  • Florida: Fla. Stat. § 244.01 et seq. (Southern Regional Compact)


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